Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inspiration comes from strange places.

  Who would have thought that inspiration would have come from an American film.  Furthermore, who would have foreseen it would be Julia Childs.

  I have just watched Julie&Julia.  So much for me being a critic of American film.  I was wrong wrong wrong on a personal level about this work.   I perceived that this would be a rather lame film, but turned out to be a turning point for HongKongPhooeyandallThingsScrewy.  Julie as a person who seems much like me.  Works at a job that dosn't quite fit.  She can't kill a lobster, and for those of you who know me personaly you know why I find that even more kismet.  Finds enjoyment in bogging about her perceived idol Julia Childs.  I greatly enjoyed Julia Childs on educational television when I was young, but I digress.  Julie is much like me because I have people, in my mind, who are assumed to be perfect.   Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li and the like.   Julie works her way through Julia's cookbook The Mastery Of French Cooking.  After 548 recipies or whatever the number she comes to self-revelations that end up in meltdowns and other emotional outbursts.  In the end Julie receives the accolades that she deserves when her phone is overwhelmed with calls from publishers, but one disheartening call from a publisher who says that Julia is less than thrilled with Julie.

  This is where it all makes rational sense to me.  One may have idols, and you think they can do no wrong, that is just how they are in your head.   Being an idol dosn't make it so.   One only has to keep it that way in their head if this is how they wish to perceive them.  I'm an older person now and can not perform martial arts anymore and that is quite depressing.  My love of it and the movies depicting it has not diminished.   Rather than waste time wishing for something that cannot something you can.

   As I spin this blog futher I will always remember this movie to motivate me.  I'm not doing this blog for Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bey Logan or any of the other people in Martial Arts I admire.  They already know and have done what I'm relaying to all of you.  Each time I get behind the keyboard of my Toshibas I actually am trying to convey knowlege of Kung Fu Films, The Martial Arts World, Chinese literature and any other "screwy" things I can dispense.   Facebook is another outlet for those things as a filler for my humble blog.   The last thing there was a Japanese Funk Band named Osaka Monorail, a James Brown style type of music.   These are the things I hope to keep offering in the future and want you all to enjoy.  The key message is that the reader is the most important person to blog to.  If by some chance your idol sees and enjoys it an lets you know so much the better but it isn't necessary.

  Thank you for reading this little ditty, but that movie out of nowhere put me back into perspective.   I even have a sign off quote now, as Julie and Julia Childs did "Bon Appitite".   For me it will from now on be ,"May Buddha Bless You" everyone knows is what the monks say just before they are going to kick your ass.

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