Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fist Of Fury : Sworn Revenge Disc 1

  This is the 1996 reboot of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury AKA The Chinese Connection film.  The story is set in Shanghai just prior to the Japanese invasion.

   Donnie Yen captures the Chen Jun character in uniquely his own way.  It is a homage to Bruce Lee in the end.  As the movie rolls out one hears the intro music and soundtrack pieces of Dragon The Bruce Lee Story.

   Weapons in this reprise are fists galore, magic gold coins, pistols, dynamite arrows, ropes and axes Oh My!   Midway through there is a Lion Dance competition to settle scores.  This I felt flashed to a scene in Jackie Chan's Dragon Lord rather than any film Bruce had done.

   Master Fong of Jin Wu School enters and exits Chen Jun's life in this first disc like a Kung Fu sage offering advice and saving his bacon a couple of times.

   Finally, after signing up with the triad in Shanghai...the benevolent association turns on Chen Jun and ends up killing his sister.  This is the meat and potato of the finale dish that is be continued in disc 2.

   My favorite kind of Kung Fu Movie.  One person stands up for the little guy against greed and evil. Proving that  one person can make a huge difference against the rising tide of adversity.  If only for the length of the production.

   Lastly, there were references to Christianity and how Chinese view this sort of thing due to missionary work in their country.  This is during scenes in the Hostle and the Clinic  Chen Jun visits with his ill sister. There were large crucifix in each film frame..venture to guess same set used for both areas.  Also, there was a refernce to the word "Coolie" maybe....hum a dozen times.  Here is the Websters Dictionary definition of a coolie:  "1.  an unskilled native laborer, esp. formerly, in India, China ect.  2.  a person doing heavy labor for little pay."  Just thought i would make a note because it was said so often during this performance.

    In the end, great rework of Fist Of Fury in Donnie Yen style.  Featuring a video that gives you a feel for the movie should you choose to watch it.  Love Bruce, Love Donnie...much respect is paid to both.  Overall, a five dragon rating. 

   This will be the first of many Kung Fu Quick reviews.  I hope you enjoy and encourages you to view some of these great films.  Thank You.

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